Why MSM?

Musical Soul Manipulations (MSM) brings a healthy, vibrant uplifting aspect and atmosphere to your gathering. I believe music should minister to the people in attendance of your event, and that music is a powerful means to reach souls and influence emotions in a positive way. I respect the traditions of different cultures, tastes, and experiences and believe in custom tailoring music to a goal or intended result.

After seeing a particular Louisiana funeral, I was intrigued by the slow, somber music played through the streets on the way to the resting place for the individual. I was even more intrigued, when after the memorial was finished, the band and musicians started an upbeat, up-tempo Dixieland jazz, and other happy songs….as a celebration of their friend passing and moving on to a better place.What an example of how music could inspire and change not only attitudes, but the entire atmosphere of the event, and the participants. There are others who believe passing on should be fun

After much thought, prayer, and watching other great musicians and artists perform and present their media and songs, I found a great appreciation for how awesome artists, known globally throughout the world, use their knowledge of music to include the audience into their show. This brings people into the event, the musical experience, and gets them involved at the event. Much more enjoyment, by the attendees, is achieved when the participants are able to joyfully raise their own talents; plus, it lets the attendees go home with very specific memories, of their own, to remember for the rest of their lives, hopefully. Even if the event wasn’t particularly memorable, the attendees feel as if they are (and were) involved, and have shared personally in something, that they can later share with other event attendees, and with family and friends.

This is the goal that my DJ and musician / musical consulting service hopes to bring to you, and your friends, and your events. Please contact me if you are interested in seeing how I can help you through the heavenly gift of music.